Het spelen van bepaalde games can bijdragen aan de development van ‘soft skills’ which are useful for a professional career. This is due to an additional concern of the Randstad, so it will be related to the games and the development of skills. Fortnite, Warzone and League of Legends score the best.

    Eight games are analyzed in total: ‘Minecraft’, ‘League of Legends’, ‘Apex Legends’, ‘PUBG’, ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’, ‘FIFA’, ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ and the last ‘Zelda’- games.

    “On the basis of those other games such as ‘Fortnite’, ‘Warzone’ and ‘League of Legends’, there are relevant possibilities in the roster of works. Het zijn zeer popular games noted by a large en levendige community on platforms such as Steam, YouTube and Twitch. These games suffer tot the most brede development van vaardigheden in vergelijking tot de other games which zijn onderzocht”, says het by Wim Van der Linden, external communication adviser by Randstad.

    The game was developed with most of the skills being developed, ‘Fortnite’ met with these skills (communication, critical thinking, visual awareness, self-motivation, door-to-door skills and teamwork).

    Maar were not designed for at least 2 years (of more) than eight different games: sadness, teamwork, communication, critical thinking, visual waring, multitasking, door setting skills, decision-making and personal motivation.

    Self-motivation, teamwork and critical thinking for the skills that have been developed for most of the games. The strongest associations have been or other gevonden those zelfmotivatie en ‘PUBG’; Unfortunately, there is also ‘League of Legends’ and critical thinking in ‘Warzone’.

    “The three skills that you need to know will be given that will be developed for problem solving, conflict management and time management. Verder onderzoek moet here duidelijkheid in brengen”, concludes Van der Linden.