Benedict remains “stable” and has concelebrated a mass from his room

the worry for the state of health of Benedict XVI, 95 years old, has not dissipated, but their situation has not worsened either. The pope emeritus is serious but stable. This was announced this Friday by the Vatican, with a new medical report on Benedict’s conditionsthe third since Francisco asked last Wednesday to pray for him for being “very sick & rdquor ;.

“The Pope emeritus was able to rest well last night,” said the Vatican spokesman, Matteo Bruni. “Also yesterday (by Thursday) in the afternoon He has participated in the celebration of Holy Mass in his room. Now his state of health is stationary & rdquor ;, Bruni added.

The spokesman thus confirmed that Benedict has not been transferred to a hospitalas the German press had announced, and also that the Pope emeritus stay in your bedroom in the Mater Ecclesiae monastery, inside the Vatican. An extreme that suggests that at the moment he cannot move from there.


Even so, unlike the previous days, the information also has aroused some optimism on the state of health of Benedict XVI. The reason is, according to some versions, that the Pope would have overcome a crisis that he had after Christmas and that he feared for the worst outcome in a very short time.

With this, the vaticanistas, the experts in information about the Vatican, very busy in recent days, have given a sigh of relief before a situation that, however, still has an uncertain end. The reason is also the great secrecy around the health of the Catholic leader maintained by the Holy See, which has not even communicated what the symptoms are that currently afflict the Pope.

Of course, the worsening of Benedict XVI’s health has set in motion a series of ceremonies of the Church in honor of the sick Pope. Among these acts, he highlighted a great mass which was held this Friday in the Basilica of Saint John Lateranin Rome, officiated by the Cardinal Vicar, Angelo De Donatis.

solemn mass

Benedict is foundat a particular moment in his life& rdquor ;, stressed De Donatis, during his homily. “We are here to accompany you with our prayers, and hold it with our love& rdquor ;, added the Italian cardinal.

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In an inattentive Rome Due to the papal vicissitudes in these festive days, the ceremony was attended by various priests and nuns from the diocese of Rome, as well as some curious and tourists from different parts of the world. Some of them, however, seemed completely unaware of the last hour in the Italian capital.

Like Greg and his four friends, travelers from Texas (United States) who, when asked why they were there, answered uncomfortably that they did not know about Benedict XVI’s illness or the reason for the ceremony. “We have come because We are on vacation and we wanted to see this basilica that we don’t know& rdquor ;, Greg explained, from the queue to pass security checks access to the church.