Ben Affleck – Jennifer Lopez? I don’t feel inadequate

THEin love but not inadequate. Ben Affleck he knows the difference well. And he wants to reiterate it: he has no inferiority complex within the relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Indeed, he recognizes all the qualities of his wife: he knows he has an icon of the world star system next to him. He admires and loves her. But he is keen to underline: «I feel no less than her».

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: the love story

Love with return trip: this is how it can be defined the love story of the Bennifers. In which there are, in fact, two chapters. The beginning of Their relationship dates back to 2002 when they become one of the most beautiful and famous couples in Hollywood. We talk about the wedding instead, their love comes to terminus in 2004. He marries another Jennifer, Garner, with whom he has three children. They break up in 2018. She marries and breaks up three times: with Ojani Noa, with Cris Judd and then with Marc Anthony, married in 2004 and left in 2014. With him she has twins. Then, after the relationship with Alex Rodriguez and another near marriage, finally the flashback between the Bennifers complete with a wedding.

I don’t feel inadequate

But what does it mean to pair up with a star like Jennifer Lopez? Ben Affleck answered this question on the podcast SmartLess. «You have to be a great man not to feel inadequate in front of my wife’s many, many successes. I feel no less than her” has explained. Thus silencing all the gossips about an alleged sense of inadequacy on the part of the actor. Which emphasizes: “The truth is that it’s beautiful (to be with her)”.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's advice: «You should always listen to your wife»

And he even thinks so when they are together in the car and improvised karaoke starts that put him and his singing wife in competition: «Sometimes I forget about it. We’re sitting in the car and I’m humming to myself. Suddenly she does it and you’re like ‘That’s embarrassing’ » he admits ironically. After all, his wife is also always Jennifer Lopez, the one he defines «the best performer in history».

My wife has better ideas than mine

In fact, it’s not the first time Ben Affleck has praised and recognized his wife’s talent. The actor, at the cinema with the film Aireven when he intervened in the broadcast What’s the weather like he expressed admiration and esteem for the woman he married. Thus, when Fabio Fazio asked him «Is it true that your wife helped you write your latest film?“, he replied without hesitation: “Of course, she has better ideas than mine». This is also love.