Bemiddeling for pilots Brussels Airlines delivers a result like: “We are going to come back over what we just did” | Economy

The bond was held in mid-February and was included in the squad of pilots. Maar de bemiddelaar konnsday alleen vaststellen dat de standpointen van bonden en directie nog te ver uit elkaar liggen. The procedure will then also be accompanied by a “proces-verbal van niet-verzoening”.

“We’re going to come back over what we can’t do,” says Olivier Van Camp from the socialist government. In mid-January the pilots of Brussels Airlines took part in one year. There must have been two scraps on the three mountains.

The direction shows that a “substantiële enveloppe” on the panel is in bankruptcy for realism. “The financial situation of Brussels Airlines is better than the times of corona crisis, but we are still not fully established,” said Aldus woordvoerder Nico Cardone. The directive blijft vragende partij om rond de Tafel tot oplossingen te komen, maar roept op om niet vast te houden aan “onrealistic iron”.

He is one of the social workers on board the Brussels Airlines, not all the pilots, but also the stewards and stewardesses and the main staff.

The luchtvaartmaatschappij will be published on Thursday with the annual results of 2023.