M.ake up glow e Red lips for Bella Hadid at singer Beyoncé’s birthday party: Makeup, made by Sophia Tilbury (granddaughter of the famous makeup artist and founder of the homonymous brand) is embellished with ahairstyle very particular, divided into two braids and lengthened with extensions up to the waist.

    Bella Hadid, the hairstyle with XXL braids

    Street style hair look for Bella Hadid, for the birthday of the singer Beyoncé: the hairstylist of Los Angeles Jeelan Nadirah Aleem has in fact created a very high tail from which two braids then start, elongated to the waist with the use of extensions.

    The hairstyle creates a “lifting like” effect and lengthens the look. The hair was perfectly disciplined and stop back with plenty of gelcombining two of the upcoming FW 22/23 trends, namely weaves and wet finishes.

    Credits: Instagram @jeelannaleem

    Glowing face make-up: “dew effect”

    As for the make-up, it was Sophia Tilbury – granddaughter of MUA Charlotte Tilbury – who created the make-up, which is the quintessence of brightness.

    A dew effectthat is one beauty technique to create a fresh and glowy complexion with a radiance that seems to come from within. How? M.mixing foundation and highlighter, beauty hack is very popular on social media.

    Bright eyes and upturned eyebrows

    The cheekbones were then sculpted by the use of blush and bronzerfaded towards the temples in order to elongate the face while a cream eyeshadow was applied to the eyes in the coloring rose extremely delicate.

    While, as regards the eyebrows were left very clearwithout defining them with a pencil but combing them upwards.

    Red lips, the trend of FW 2022/23

    The focus of the make-up, however, is the lips, made up with a fiery red lipstick that takes all the attention.

    Vibrant and accessible, he is in fact the real star of the look: slightly overflowed (to optically enlarge the lips) and characterized by the a finish demi matte, dusty but at the same time soft on the lips. And that’s how Bella Hadid hits her mark and starts writing the upcoming fall trends.