Beer and kilos of meat: farmers ready for days of blockades

Crates of beer, bottles of water and even a load of meat from the butcher. The farmers’ blockades on the highways between the Netherlands and Belgium could last for days, so a large stock is already being built up in various places. “We might still be here in a week, especially if politics adds fuel to the fire.”

The protesting farmers are angry about, among other things, the nitrogen policy and what they consider to be too strict European regulations. “We have nothing against the environment. But you have to take the measures in consultation, so that we as farmers can also earn something,” says chicken farmer Bart Baeyens from the Flemish Oud-Turnhout, who, together with other farmers, drives the A67 near Hapert. blocks.

If it were up to him, the current plans would go ‘into the shredder’. “Starting again, together with people who understand farming.” As long as the Belgian government does not do so, he will continue to take action. “In alternating shifts, so that we can also work on the farm. I also prefer to be alone in the stable, but these actions are really necessary. We receive supplies and sleep at home.”

Crates of beer
About 50 farmers block the highway. They throw pallets on a big fire. Earlier in the day, a butcher delivered kilos of meat and crates full of beer and bottles of water.”

Farmer Johan from Kelpen, Limburg, is also on the A67. “The Belgian farmers also helped us with the Dutch actions. Whatever is needed,” he says. However, the Dutch actions never lasted longer than a day. “Because we were sent away by the police. But I don’t expect the Belgian police to do that. They actually support us”

The chance that the Belgian police will send the farmers away is indeed small. The police union in our southern neighbors is threatening action next week, out of dissatisfaction with low wages. A planned consultation with the government on this matter has been postponed.

Regional roads
Rijkswaterstaat advises road users who have to go to Belgium to postpone their trip if possible. There are some options to get to Belgium, but the regional roads quickly filled up earlier in the day.