Becker leaves England: he will finish serving his sentence in a German prison

In prison for almost seven months for bankruptcy, he allegedly joined a program that allows extradition in the last twelve months of detention

Boris Becker returns to Germany. The three-time Wimbledon champion, who has been in prison since the end of April for fraudulent bankruptcy (with a total debt of around 3 million euros), will finish serving his sentence in his country of origin. This is assured by the British media: the former tennis player would have joined a program that allows the extradition of a foreign prisoner to his country of origin upon the occurrence of precise conditions. Including the end of the sentence within 12 months, a time limit that Becker reached with the discount of 135 days in prison after agreeing to join the plan.


On April 29, Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. After being held in the harsh Wandsworth prison (apparently with overcrowded and rat-infested cells), Novak Djokovic’s former coach had been transferred to Huntercombe, Oxfordshire. A prison deemed “low risk”, with (foreign) inmates mostly guilty of administrative or property crimes. Prison where Becker began working as a gym class assistant. From England they ensure that the 54-year-old (55 in a few days, on November 22) will spend Christmas in Germany.