Beauty agenda February 2024: the beauty news of the month

Tante news in February 2024 in the world of beauty. Not to be missed, the new and exclusive Miss Dior Pop Up at Rinascente Milan where you can discover the new Miss Dior Parfum. Then, some beautiful initiatives to support women on the occasion of World Cancer Day, the new Armani Beauty make up artist, Hiromi Ueda. All the news from the beauty agenda for February 2024, pIt’s been a great month.

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The beauty agenda for February 2024

The Pop Up Miss Dior at La Rinascente Duomo in Milan

Miss Dior change to never change. Iconic perfume from the Parisian maison, in the new version Parfum Miss Dior a whole is dedicated Pop Up on floor -1 of La Rinascente Duomo in Milan. A small world of beauty for this “Miss” with a scented trail of contemporary femininity.

In the new space, open until February 19th, you will be able to live many experiences and discover exclusive services. As Olfactory Discoverywhere you can discover all the notes that make up the famous fragrance, or Miss Dior Gallery which tells the story of the evolution of the fragrance over the decades. Furthermore, you can admire them live exceptional pieces most exclusive in the line like La Malle Miss Dior Eau de Parfum and the limited edition Bobby dedicated to Monsieur Dior’s faithful four-legged friend.

The new Pop Up dedicated to Miss Dior on floor -1 at La Rinascente Duomo Milan

It will also be possible to take advantage of services such as fragrance customization thanks to the Tailoring Atelier and the service My ABC Diorwhich allows you to decorate the bow with various charms (perfect idea for Valentine’s Day). The service is also available Miss Dior Touch Upwhere you can treat yourself to a make up look inspired by perfume.

The Miss Dior Pop Up will be available on floor -1 at La Rinascente Duomo in Milan until 19 February, while until 12 February you can admire all the windows of the store dedicated to the Miss Dior world.

Avon and the commitment to World Cancer Day

To mark in your February diary, the date of 4where celebrates World Cancer Day all over the world, World Cancer Day organized by the International Union against Cancer and supported by WHO. Also tovon participates in this day: since 1992, the world leading company in the direct sale of cosmetic products, supports women in the causes that most involve them such as breast cancer prevention. It is no coincidence that over the years the brand donated $951 million to breast cancer research and educated over 180 million women about prevention.

beauty agenda February 2024

For this occasion, the Avon catalogue is enriched with new Solidarity Products: under the Avon together against breast cancer label you can find super comfortable pajamas with matching socks, in the iconic Avon pink, an adjustable bracelet and a gold-plated necklace with a pendant decorated with the now famous research bow. Part of the proceeds from the sale of these products is intended to support local and national charities.

Hiromi Ueda, new Global Make up Artist, arrives from Armani Beauty

There is also a new face on the February 2024 beauty agenda and it is Hiromi Ueda, just appointed Global Make up Artist of Armani Beauty. Japanese by birth, Londoner by adoption, in recent seasons Ueda has been a guest make up artist for the brand’s fashion shows and press campaigns.

«What fascinates me about Hiromi Ueda, the new Armani Global Make-up Artist, is her restraint, her innate sense of balance and her grace, which translate into a powerful expression. In the his delicate use of color and his ability to make a face shine with a few skillful touches I see a great inner strength” he declared Giorgio Armaniwho continued by also adding thanks to Linda Cantello, who passes the baton to her: «My special thanks go to Linda Cantello, for many years of close collaboration as well as for her constant dedication and vision, which I have always admired».

Hiromi Ueda’s aim will be to support Giorgio Armani in continuing to reveal the natural beauty, internal and external, of people: «Makeup is not only a powerful tool of personal expression, but It also plays a crucial role in improving self-confidence. It is the perfect union of internal and external beauty” commented the new Global Make up Artist.

Filorga, a love gift box for Valentine’s Day

From Filorga, a gesture of love for Valentine’s Day: in the occasion of Valentine’s Day, from February 1st to the 14th the skincare brand is giving a gift to take care of your skin. TOby purchasing a product from the line Global Repairyou will receive a free gift box with it inside Global Repair Advanced Elixira highly sensorial and nourishing serum in oil with an intense repairing and restorative action thanks to its mix of oils and ceramides, ideal for the most fragile skin.

February beauty agenda

Davines Group and excellence in the B Corp network

The Davines Group, with the Davines and Comfort Zone brands, obtained the third B Corp certification with a score of 123.5, recording an improvement compared to the previous certifications of 2016 and 2020. Issued by the international organization B Lab, this certification ensures that the principles of social and environmental sustainability have become real 360-degree values ​​for the company.

The Davines group has always been committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products and since 2018 has adopted the Life Cycle Assessment analysis which allows the sustainability of products to be assessed at every stage of their life cycle so as to limit the environmental impact. To achieve these results, the B Corp Strategic Committee was created within the company in 2015, a management team dedicated to defining the group’s environmental and social impact performance.

February beauty agenda

«We are proud to have regained the B Corp certification and to have further improved our performance, particularly in the Environment and Community areas. It is a very important goal that stimulates us to continue along this path, with the awareness that it is a process of continuous improvement that can only be achieved with the commitment of all the actors involved. In our approach to sustainability is central to the involvement of our interlocutorsfrom suppliers to customers, from collaborators to salons and beauty centers, because we believe that only in this way will we be able to activate the chain reactions and propagation effects capable of affirming a new capitalist model of regenerative, fair and sustainable growth” commented Davide Bollati, President of the Davines Group.

Bottega Verde and support for the Lei È social campaign

Since January Bottega Verde has decided to support the Lei È social campaign, sponsored by the Advertising Progresso Foundation. The goal is to raise women’s awareness of the rights that they have laboriously achieved over the years.

The campaign involves the dissemination of 12 different messages that they highlight women’s self-determination and their freedom of choice. Bottega Verde also undertakes to pay a contribution to the promoters of the project, the Lofficina association, Senonora Quando? Torino, Break the Silence Italia and TOXD Torino Città per le Donne.

February beauty agenda

Pantene x Emily in Paris

“The power of hair”: for Pantene, healthy, beautiful and strong hair is a symbol of security and self-confidence. In the beauty agenda for February there is the limited edition Oh La Là, gold line Regenerates and Protects created in collaboration for Emily in Paris, the famous Paramount TV series starring Lily Collins, with her very thick hair. The line was reformulated and enriched with antioxidants, lipids and collagen to give hair greater strength.

February beauty agenda

Four products: Oh la la! Miracle Shampoo Regenerates and Protects gives hair all the nourishment it needs, Oh la la! Miracle Serum Regenerates and Protects It works at three levels of depth and is a multipurpose conditioner infused with collagen peptides while Oh la la! The Keratin Protection Mask Regenerates and Protects Helps repair six months of styling damage in just one use. In the end Oh la la! Keratin Protection Oil Regenerates and Protects gives hair all the shine it deserves, as it makes it 10 times more resistant to styling damage with application. Just one drop is enough.

Victoria Beckham presents her first fragrance collection

They are called Portofino ’97, Suite 302 and San Ysidro Drive and they are the first three fragrances designed by Victoria Beckham, not to be missed in your February beauty agenda. Created by the designer in collaboration with Master Parfumier Jérôme Épinetteeach fragrance tells an important moment in the designer’s life over the past three decades.

Portofino ’97 tells of Victoria and David Beckham’s first romantic getaway, Suite 302 of a trip to Paris while San Ysidro Drive of their life in California.

Portofino ’97, Suite 302, San Ysidro Drive

In enamelled bottles inspired by the Twenties, they play with seductive notes of black cherry and tobacco with the freshest and most sunny ones, between marine jus and hints of flowers. The fragrances are available on the website of the same name.

Anok Yai, new muse of Alien Hypersense Eau de Parfum by Mugler

Twenty-six years old, feline charm, Sudanese origins but raised in the United States, Anok Yai is the new muse of Alien Hypersense Eau de Parfum, the new fragrance from Mugler. Elected “model of the year” by Models.Com in 2023, Yai is not only a model but also a very prolific artist, she experiments a lot with oil painting, is very followed on social media and has been chosen by many fashion houses.

Anok Yai for Alien Hypersense Eau de Parfum by Mugler

“Anok is otherworldly beautiful. Fierce and captivating, perfectly embodies the energy of Alien Hypersense. An icon of creativity and fashion, we are proud to have such an inspiring and unique voice as face of our new fragrance” commented Danièle Lahana-Aidenbaum, President of Mugler Fashion & Fragrance.