Beautiful World. Climate, activism and possible futures: the review by Serena Dandini

Serena Dandini (photo by Gianmarco Chieregato).

hit has always rained even in summer…”; “And the African heat has always been there”, someone will say ready to rebuff climate hooligans, as scientists are called by deniers who humbly point out, with data in hand, that the situation has changed a lot and is changing faster and faster.

Even if we want to close our eyes and ears like the famous monkeys and no longer trust science it would be appropriate to listen at least to the peasants, men and women who have always lived in harmony with the landperhaps for generations, and their judgment if it is possible is even more peremptory.

The climate has changed, period. And we’ve known the reasons for some time now, but we turned a deaf ear because the GDP of the states has always dictated the political rules.

Green books: nine titles on sustainability and the future of the planet

Many years ago Robert Kennedy in a famous speech often reported as a pearl of wisdom (but soon after forgotten) had already explained that the well-being of humanity does not depend only on economic growth but above all on the quality of daily life and if the Earth were to become a desert I don’t think we would all be better off.

“Beautiful world. Climate, activism and possible futures” by Federico Taddia and Elisa Palazzi (Mondadori)

He came out to explain with irony and competence the reasons why it’s time to wake us up Beautiful World. Climate, activism and possible futures (Mondadori), book by Frederick TaddiaTV author and science popularizer, and Elisa Palazzi climatologist and researcher.

It is a necessary essay that I would make all boys and girls read because the future will be theirsbut it is also highly recommended for adults so that at least they will stop being superiors by sarcastically hindering every initiative of young people all over the world.

The authors explain to us with simplicity and scientific competence the reason for all the “extreme” events like drought and storms that follow each other ever closer. And it is also the “Beautiful World” itself who tells us about his adventurous existence on earth, only four and a half billion years old, and it can be said that he has seen everything but perhaps never a species as stupid as the human one able to put jeopardizing the resources it needs to survive.

The planet laughs and doesn’t care about our compromise policy, he will survive anyway, whether it turns into a desert or a huge ocean. We are the ones who in that case will no longer be there. A change of perspective that should make us reflect.

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