Beata Leppilampi got out of the maternity hospital – Sweet pictures of baby happiness!

The celebrity couple got home from the maternity hospital with the little one.

Mikko and Beata Leppilampi got home from the maternity hospital. ATTE KAJOVA

Skater Beata Leppilammen and actor Mikko Leppilammen luck was completed with another child on September 22. The couple has now left the maternity hospital with the little one.

Beata published an emotional update on Instagram, where she shared pictures of intense days in the hospital.

– Very emotional last couple of days. Thank you to the professional and skilled staff of Espoo Hospital’s Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. I appreciate you guys so much! Beata Leppilampi writes on Instagram.

– It was exciting and at the same time the most wonderful thing in the world to come back home and start a new wonderful everyday life as a mother of two boys. Fortunately, the world’s best father is by my side – my support & security, she cheers on her spouse.

You can see the photo series below or from here.

The update has gathered admiring comments, and the couple’s celebrity friends are congratulating on the addition to the family.

– Lovely! Congratulations! Enjoy the baby bubble, wrote Krista Siegfrieds.

– Good luck, he wrote Vilma Bergenheim.

Even the couple’s previous social media update revealed a funny coincidence. The little one has the same birthday as his father Mikko.

– Happy first birthday together, father and son, wrote Mikko Leppilampi on Instagram.

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Leppilammet talked about expecting their second child together on Mother’s Day. Beata shared atmospheric pregnancy photos on her Instagram account throughout the summer.

The couple also have a two-year-old Caspian-son. Mikko has a daughter born in 2005 from his previous marriage. Mikko and Beata Leppilampi got married in August 2021. The wedding was celebrated a year later.