Beasts, last episode: previews and tonight’s guests

Per there fifth and final episode Of Beastson air tonight at 21.20 on Rai 2, Francesca Fagnani prepare a crackling trio. The protagonists of interviews I am Claudio Amendola, Claudia Pandolfi and Ornella Vanoni. The last three gueststherefore, who sitting on the iconic stool are ready to answer the usual question: “What kind of beast do you feel?”and then retrace his career, through old statements and new revelations.

Ornella Vanoni: «Strehler, the man who loved me the most»

«He’s the man who loved me the most, but didn’t protect me from extreme situations because he couldn’t help it. She wanted to come back with me, I said no », says Ornella di Giorgio. From Gino Paolion the other hand, another man in her life, talks about the last one San Remo. «She tried to tell as if it were at her house. He saw Morandi and he got that stuff that shouldn’t be done. Amadeus was terrified and took him away.”

It’s still “I am ironic. This irony of me is known, seen and felt. He really not, but if he wants to be ironic, poor thing, let’s not oppose him». About the comparison with Minapoints out: “I felt like number two.”

From the love of women to the greatest vice: joints

Fagnani popi asks her if it is true that she went around the house in her underpants. «Where I lived there were all big windows. I didn’t go around in my underwear, but really naked. (…) Yes, i’m a scoundrel. He thinks there was a time when I only had two pairs of underpants, one pair black and the other white.’ And he admits that he used them sparingly. “I went out in the evening in a skirt and stiletto heels. Do you have to have underwear? It’s not for sure”.

Finally, a word about yours biggest vice: rods. After a long period of insomnia in which she was “desperate”, she found her “medicine” of her own. And she closes with a joke about search for the ideal caregiver. “When I walk down the street the boys yell at me: Ornella! I have no job, but I roll like God. I’m coming to be a carer!”

Ornella Vanoni guest of the last episode of “Belve”. (Rai)

Claudia Pandolfi’s no to Tinto Brass

Among the revelations oflast episodealso that of Claudia Pandolfi. “I had a girlfriend for a short while. (…) I fell in love with this woman, who was a beacon for me», he asserts. «At that time I had a lot of anxieties, but I didn’t have any problems and I lived this beautiful story, which lasted a month».

As for the artistic life, remember a lunch with Tinto Brass to discuss his participation in a film by the director. The presenter asks if the reason for the refusal depended on too much of a scene that he was supposed to interpret. “When I read that scene, I closed the script with a bang. The protagonist, lying on the bed, romantically played leafing through her daisy », she explains amused. «I didn’t feel like it, but it was one of the most enjoyable lunches of my life».

Finally, with reference to the declarations of Carolina Crescentini a Beasts – and that is that sometimes the writers introduce some sex scenes, “so bang, meaningless” – he says: «You are right. Often they are really superfluous for the purposes of the story». And he adds that he happened to her in the film When the night by Cristina Comencini, «an exceptional film, even if in the end there was a moment of sex that could have lasted even a quarter of an hour less».

Claudio Amendola and cocaine addiction: “I got out of it for my children”

The last man host of Beasts And Claudius Amendola. Among the topics covered, the cocaine addiction. “I was addicted and I got out because there was something important: the children», he admits. He says that he understands that he has reached rock bottom “when you found yourself in a situation where you had to be lucid and you weren’t”. To save him, “fright or responsibility”.

Claudio Amendola with Francesca Fagnani in the study of “Belve”. (Rai)

The actor has recently separated from Francesca Neri. «Today there is no pain. If anything, there is the regret of not having been, of not having been, able to get to the end“, explains. On love in general, she says she has received more than she has given. And that her greatest joy came «when my daughter Alessiaborn five and a half months premature, made it».

Of the past he regrets being “finished in Regina Coeli”, at the age of 19, «for a juice of gasoline, but it was a formative experience». and on theforced image that was given to him, he says: «I leaned a lot on this in the beginning. (…) My parents told me: What the f*ck are you talking about, you were born in Villa Stuart! But it worked anyway I didn’t spare myself the road, the low wall».

Finally, a reflection on alleged film circle che always makes the same names work. «The circle if anything!». A circle from which he feels excluded perhaps for a form of snobbery towards him. “I’ve never done a living room. I don’t recognize them, I don’t know their names, I don’t go to the premieres”, he explains, «which then varies according to the seasons. I’ve seen so many little circles », she concludes.