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A key action for abundance in life is to be grateful. So much that happened to enjoy; like what not, to learn. That is why I dedicate this note to those who accompanied me in recent years and came this far with me. I am intrigued to know who will continue to be part of it in the near future, since with the eclipse seasons of 2024, the ties will be tested. Little by little it is becoming noticeable that most of us are going through radical changes. Does the same thing happen to you?

In my case, I am very happy to have shared beautiful moments with:

  • My husband Juan Ignacio, whom I have known since the end of high school and I would never have imagined that after so many years of friendship, we would begin such a prosperous and loving marriage.
  • My parents, for always giving me love and teaching me by example.
  • My family, who helped me (yes, only that part and not all), whether by blood or by heart: Sonia, Iván, Lucas, Axel, Rodrigo, Mery, Hugo and in particular the one trained on the radio with Daf, Ale, Luca and Jorgito.
  • Friends, especially our groomsmen, Any and Santi, who helped us with the ceremony. Natalia, Ramiro, Agus, Meli, Miguel, Carmen, Adrián, Paz, Martín, Carlos, Leo, Nadia, Ana Paula, Andrea, Natania and Cynthia, with whom we not only share the name, but also tastes and values ​​(justice, mathematics , music, writing, holistic tools, faith and above all love).
  • My math tutor, Seba, who stood by me when things became complicated.
  • My literary editor Ángel and my music producer Esteban, who embark with me on the crazy things that occur to me.
  • My clients of the Comprehensive advicelisteners of the radio program The compass and all the people who send me good vibes so that my projects continue to advance and thus be able to provide the best of my knowledge to the entire world.

Thank you for generating synergy with me and let’s go for more!

On this occasion, I invite you to recognize who they are who help, contribute, console and enhance some aspect of your life. If you want to modify, start or heal any of the links mentioned above, we can build that plan together. Just feel free to write to me through the social networks that you will find below.

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