BBL: Bonn regains the lead in the table

Telekom Baskets Bonn have regained the lead in the Bundesliga table from Alba Berlin.

The team of head coach Tuomas Iisalo defeated the MHP giants Ludwigsburg in a catch-up game thanks to an 18:0 run in the second half with 91:75 (41:41) and thus won 23 of their 25 games of the season. In the BBL, the people from Bonn achieved their tenth win in a row, and it was even the 16th success in a row across all competitions.

Although Ludwigsburg lost the ball a few times at the beginning, they were leading by 24:18 after the first quarter because they scored a high percentage from the field. The Bonners used their size advantages again and again, especially national player Leon scratches played well in the zone. Thanks to 14 points in the first half,crates helped Bonn equalize 41:41.

Shorts rev up from the end of the third quarter

After that, the Bonners lost the ball too often, and leader TJ Shorts couldn’t find his way into play against the good Ludwigsburg defense and was still without a goal a minute before the end of the third quarter.

But then Shorts scored seven points in a row and gave his team a 62-60 lead. That was the initial spark for the home side: They turned the game around with an 18:0 run and controlled from then on. With 16 points each, Shorts and Scratches were Bonn’s top scorers.