BBB the largest in 13 water boards, provisional turnout 53.7 percent

The provisional turnout for the water board elections is known: 53.7 percent of those entitled to vote went to the polling booth. The Union of Water Boards has this on Friday announced. As in the Provincial Council elections, the BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) ​​of Caroline van der Plas also emerged as the winner in the water board elections.

The provisional turnout is based on 15 of the 21 water boards. The turnout this year was higher than in the water board elections of 2019: then it was 51.3 percent. The turnout satisfies Rogier van der Sande, chairman of the Union of Water Boards. “The challenges are great given the increasing chance of prolonged drought or extreme downpours and the upcoming sea level rise,” says Van der Sande. “We hope this has motivated people to make their voices heard.”

The BBB probably won the most seats in thirteen water boards. WaterOf course, this was successful in five water boards. As in the Provincial Council elections, the loss is particularly large for the CDA. The final results will be known on March 23 at the earliest. The fact that it takes longer to count the votes for the water board elections is because municipalities first count the votes for the Provincial Council elections.

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