BB-Merve says that she also attended religion classes secretly from her father.

    Merve doesn’t believe in anything these days. FOUR

    On Tuesday afternoon, the Big Brother residents got excited to discuss deeper topics again. This time the topic was religions.

    Merve tells the other residents about his own childhood and that he has grown up between two religions. Merve says that her father is Muslim and her mother is Christian.

    – At least it has caused me quite a lot of trouble, Merve reveals.

    Especially Mia it is surprising how Merve’s parents have been able to date together because of religious conflicts. Merve says that her mother would never have converted to a religion other than Christianity. Milena on the other hand, reveals that her own mother converted to Islam so that she could marry Milena’s father.


    According to Merve, his father was very strict when it came to religion, which is why he shouldn’t have been allowed to participate in religious classes at school. However, Merve attended the classes in secret at her mother’s request from her father. However, she has not had to wear a veil.

    – That’s what my father did, says Merve.

    Merve also remembers her middle school days, when she started to bring out more and more her own opinion about religions. Merve wouldn’t have been allowed to eat ham because of his father’s religion, but he was ashamed that his own food was prepared for him at school.

    – I started rebelling and eating ham in middle school, Merve laughs.

    As a child, Merve says that he believed in Christianity in order to resist the indoctrination of religion. Today, however, the situation is different.

    – Then I believed in God, but I don’t really believe in anything anymore, Merve sums up.

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