Baudet: attack on me was a politically motivated attack | Politics

Thierry Baudet sees the attack on him as a ‘political attack’. “That’s why I have to continue, people I want to stand up for also feel threatened.”

Baudet says this in response on the attack on him in Groningen. He was hit on the head with a bottle of beer by a 15-year-old man.

Baudet says he does not yet know much about what inspired the perpetrator. But according to him, it appears that it “comes from” the far-left Antifa. There was a demonstration by that group outside the café, but it is still unclear whether the perpetrator belonged to that group. “You saw it with the paint smearing on our door, it always comes from the same angle. It fits a pattern. I really want to do something about that in a serious way. It now seems as if the danger to the rule of law comes from people who are critical of the rule of law. But it is clear to me: it comes from this corner.”

According to Baudet, who has a scab near his eye, he said he was extremely lucky. “Half an inch to the right and my eye would have been in serious condition. No vital parts were hit, I was hit on the back of my head just below my fontanel, and I was also hit just next to the most vulnerable spot near my temple.”

Baudet also complained that the media would avoid him. “Because we really have a different view on transgender, on corona, etc. I can’t show that I’m a really nice guy now.”


Baudet says he has ‘good relations’ with the government security services. “We have scheduled a meeting this afternoon. We are working very hard to analyze how this could have happened.” He did say that after the incident in Ghent ‘my security has been increased’. “But I’m not going to say anything unkind about the services. I have seen them: they risk their life and limb for me.”

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