Baskonia continues its European climb against Red Star


12/08/2023 at 23:53


The Vitorians have only one European defeat since Ivanovic arrived on the bench

Tadas Sedekerskis, the best of the Baskonistas, sealed the victory with some free throws

Baskonia beat Red Star this Friday in the thirteenth round of the Euroleague by 87-85 and continues its European climb, with only one defeat in the continental competition since Dusko Ivanovic arrived on his bench.





Miller-McIntyre (4), Marinkovic (9), Díez (2), Sedekerskis (18) and Kotsar (6) -starting five-, Chiozza (2), Raieste (-), Rogkavopoulos (14), Howard (17) , Diop (-) and Moneke (15).

Red Star

Teodosic (13), Nedovic (7), Lazarevic (2), Davidovac (-), Bolomboy (14) -five starters-, Giedraitis (24), Lazic (9), Tobey (5), Mitrovic (8) and Dos Saints (3).


Baskonia (26+26+15+20) and Red Star (18+25+19+23).


Jakub Zamojski (Poland), Robert Vyklicky (Czech Republic), Steve Bittner (Germany). They eliminated the visitor Bolomboy due to personal fouls (min.40). They signaled a technical foul against the locals Marinkovic (min. 16) and Howard (min.28).


Fernando Buesa Arena. 10,470 spectators.

Despite the great game played by ex-Azulgrana Rokas Giedraitis, author of 24 points, the Vitorian team withstood the final push of the Balkans, who managed to tie the duel with nine seconds left. but two free throws from Tadas Sedekerskis, the best of the Baskonistasleft the victory at the Buesa Arena.

Baskonia suffered from the offensive rebounding of its rival, who had 20 catches at the rim, but did not let it take the lead during the 40 minutes. The Blaugranas entered the duel better with a 7-0 run and were very organized in attack, while the Serbians struggled to score their first points, which took more than three minutes to arrive. But An extra-motivated Vanja Marinokvic led the start of a Baskonia that played its attacks very easily until the Belgrade team raised their defensive lines and began to deny the first pass.

The game without the ball gave many points to Ioannis Sfairopoulos’ team, which had its most active man in Joel Bolomboy in a first quarter that closed in favor of the locals, 26-18, who made the difference with six triples. Markus Howard started the second period as successful as he ended the first and controlled Baskonia’s lead when Red Star was attacking bestwho rode on the back of ex-Azulgrana Rokas Giedraitis.

The energy of Chima Moneke gave a lot of benefit to the locals, who began to open more gap, again, with great success in the outside shot and took advantage of the absence of a scoring leader in the visitors, to lead the scoreboard rest, 52-43. Two Baltic triples tightened the score after the restart. The Catalans were thicker in attack and sweated with each basket, while Luka Mitrovic began to come into play.

Red Star toughened the duel and took Baskonia out of the game to equalize the match with a partial of 2-11 (62-62), although Dusko Ivanovic’s team reacted with a 5-0, before entering the final round. Five points from Nikos Rogkapoulos kept Baskonia ahead as they struggled to close their rebound, but the defense gave them results again.

The Blaugranas were forgiving from the free kick and on the counterattack and the Serbian triples once again left everything open in the last five minutes. The exchange of triples favored Baskonia, which had achieved a ten-point lead taking advantage of Tadas Sedekerskis’ good moment.

The end seemed placid for the locals, but Rokas Giedraitis appeared with two consecutive triples to tie the match with 9.6 seconds left, 85-85, but missed the third after his compatriot Tadas Sedekerskis made the free throws.