Bas Dost was immediately worth gold for FC Utrecht with two goals. The striker came in and helped his team from a 2-0 deficit to a 2-2 draw against RKC Waalwijk. If it’s up to Dost himself, it’s just the beginning.

    “It’s nice that we can get another point, but we wanted to win,” concluded Dost after the game ESPN. About his goals: ,,With the first one I only now see that it was just not offside. At first I thought when the referee said that the goal had to be checked: ‘What does this mean?’. You bet that the keeper will let go of the ball. You do that hundreds of times for nothing and now it happens. It’s all worth it.”

    Although the result in Waalwijk was disappointing, Dost is very happy that he chose FC Utrecht: ,,I’ve looked at everything: what else do I want? And now I am very happy that I went for FC Utrecht. I enjoy it a lot and then the goals come naturally,” said Dost, who was loudly sung to by the fans: “That’s the life of a striker. When you score goals, you are loved. I loved it. I didn’t come here for nothing and I don’t settle for ten goals, I do have a target, but I’m not going to share it with everyone.

    Dost now played 45 minutes, but that will quickly become more: ,,If I train for a whole week again, I expect to be able to make more minutes,” said the striker.

    Henk Fraser

    Logically, coach Henk Fraser was also pleased with his striker: ,,I’m happy with all my attackers, but he did give us a point and I’m super happy with that. You don’t get a player with the status of Bas on the bench, you can see in those 45 minutes that he plays that he has special qualities.”

    Fraser was less pleased with the match: ,,If you look at the course of the match, we have to be happy with a point, but I think we should get a better result here, so I’m not happy at all in that regard. We gave away so many spaces. It’s not just about having fun playing football. It’s about the points and that’s a shot we still have to make. We need to be much more ruthless. RKC has been a difficult match for FC Utrecht for years, so I have to make it clear to the boys that this is not possible. Although I am happy with the resilience we have shown.”