Weekend boss Bart Ettekoven thinks Dion Kars, Glennis Grace’s ex-boyfriend, is quite a drama queen. “I think he sounds quite dramatic. They were together for five months!”

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    Glennis Grace is unable to enter into a long-term love relationship. This time her relationship with the Purmerend clothing seller Dion Kars has come to an end. They have been through a lot together, and for that they have to appear in court together in October, but now it is all over.

    drama queen

    Dion is quite dramatic about the breakup. He has asked for peace in a somewhat childish video: “We hope you can let us process this in peace and not send me messages all the time about what happened and what happened, because I’m not going to answer that. . I’m going to deal with this in peace and I hope you respect that.”

    What a drama queen, says Weekend boss Bart Ettekoven. Dion shouting that he should ‘process this at rest’ makes him laugh. “I think this sounds quite dramatic. You have had a relationship for five months, of which you have not seen each other for three days, because then they were both stuck,” he sneered in Shownieuws.

    “Quite dramatic!”

    According to Bart, it is quite a poser. “He’s acting like… If you break up after twenty years, you can say, ‘Can we have some peace and privacy?’ are each other?”

    He continues cynically: “I think it sounds quite dramatic, but heartbreak can hurt a lot. It looks a bit like Glennis put an end to it, because he later posted another photo with: ‘Forever a place in my heart.’”


    He is a strange type, Bart concludes. “I think this is a bit exaggerated, ‘processing in rest’. It’s like a relationship that has been going on for years,” he says. “It was five wonderful months.”

    By the way, what does Dion want to say with the message ‘Forever a place in my heart’? Is he hinting at a possible love reunion here? Bart: “It could be, but they only broke up for a day, so it might be too early to talk about a reconciliation.”


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