Barely fifth of Kookeet tickets sold: Bruges gives event “all chances”

    32 chefs from Bruges are taking part in KOOKEET this weekend, but the disappointing ticket sales are a downer. Only 2500 of the 15000 tickets have been sold. Although the chefs are not really awake.

    “I don’t really think about it,” says Stefan Vandaele of the Broodsmid. “It would of course be very nice if it is full. If it is a little less, then that is of course a shame. But we do our work with a lot of passion and pleasure.”

    Energy prices also theme

    Energy prices will be a theme this weekend because chefs, but also bakers, for example, now receive a spicy electricity bill in the bus every month. “We think – if it stays that way – we will close for an extra day to save that energy,” says Vandaele.

    “Give concept every chance”

    The city also notices the disappointing ticket sales for KOOKEET, but there is no panic yet. “Cooking costs money, literally and figuratively,” says Franky Demon. “I’m definitely giving it every chance, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend and afterwards we will of course evaluate.”

    OOKEET is available from Saturday to Monday.