Couldn't be heard for a few minutes: moderator Barbara Schöneberger

    Presenter Barbara Schöneberger Photo: picture alliance/dpa

    From BZ/dpa

    Presenter Barbara Schöneberger (48) tied annoying adults on the bus with the scarf to the poles as a student.

    “One of our funniest jokes,” she told the German Press Agency. “And with great success.” The reason was when the old people complained about the loud students on the bus.

    Schöneberger also chats about childhood pranks in the new edition of “Do you understand fun?”. The first shows the show with a hidden camera on Saturday (8:15 p.m.).

    “I had an incredibly long school trip,” said Schöneberger about the scarf campaign. Overall, however, she felt very obedient and well-behaved. “My parents didn’t have much stress with me.”

    Her children are also rather peaceful, said Schöneberger. “They dream more of playing pranks.” Recently, eggs were thrown at a house in the neighborhood, she admitted. “I guess mine were there too. But do you want a child who sits at the table at home all day reading Harry Potter?”


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