Bam Margera Arrested – Caused a violent incident while drunk in the afternoon

The Jackass star has been arrested for the incident he caused.

Bam Margera reportedly suffered from a substance abuse problem. PDO

Former Jackass-star Bam Margera has been arrested again, reports TMZ.

Margera was arrested after causing an incident at a restaurant. According to TMZ, Margera’s ex-wife and son were eating at that restaurant.

According to information received from the authorities, Margera was drunk.

Burbank police tell TMZ they received a call shortly before 4:00 PM about an incident at a Thai restaurant. The police found Margera arguing with the woman at the scene. It has not been confirmed to TMZ if it was the woman in question Jackass– star’s ex-wife.

Sources tell the TMZ news site that Margera was unable to take care of herself at the restaurant. He was arrested for being intoxicated in public.

Margera’s previous arrest was reported on March 8. At the time, he was apparently accused of assaulting his new girlfriend.

The woman, unknown to the public, had told the police that Bam had kicked her and called the man her husband. However, it was not Margera’s child’s mother and ex-wife Nikki Boyd. Boyd and Margera’s official divorce did not take effect until February 2023.

A day later, Margera posted $50,000 bail and was released. For now, it is unclear whether the woman plans to press charges against Margera and whether there is enough evidence in the case.

Bam Margera has been reported to suffer from serious substance abuse problems. Last year, he blamed his substance abuse problem on a Finnish musician Ville Valoa.