Balsamic chicken is full of flavor

The best chicken meals are those where a tasty sauce spices up the bland meat. In this recipe, the umami balsamic sauce and last fall’s mushroom harvest do the job.

In good mushroom years, mushrooms should be preserved in abundance. So that the great catch doesn’t go to waste, you should start thawing the frozen mushroom treats for cooking now at the latest, because they should be used within about a year.

Harvest season to harvest season is a good rule of thumb for mushrooms and berries. In this case, their taste is still at its best.

All aromatic mushrooms are suitable for this chicken meal: chanterelles, chanterelles, black horn mushrooms and even champignon mushrooms. You get the best taste in the sauce when you mix in several quality mushrooms.

Thaw the frozen mushrooms at room temperature, squeeze out the liquids and chop if necessary before use.

Why does frozen chanterelle taste bitter?

You may have come across this unfortunate fact that freezing does not work with chanterelles. The taste is bitter and the sauce is ruined.

It has been estimated that the taste would become bitter due to the dryness in the mushroom caused by the dry summer. In addition, large and older chanterelles may taste unpleasant instead of the typical mild taste when they come out of the cold. Even freezing fresh is a mistake in the case of these mushrooms and the result is a bitter sauce.

Balsamic chicken

1 kg of chicken breasts

a pinch of salt

a few grinds of black pepper from the grinder

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 tablespoon of butter

3–4 dl frozen mushrooms (e.g. chanterelles and funnel waffles)

2 tablespoons of spelled wheat flour

2 dl whipped cream

1 1/2 dl of chicken stock from the fondue

2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar

1/2 teaspoon salt

a few grinds of black pepper from the grinder

1/2 pot of parsley

1. Pound the chicken fillets a little thinner. Salt and pepper. Fry the chicken fillets in the oil-butter mixture until golden brown on both sides. Remove the chicken fillets from the pan to wait while the sauce is prepared.

2. If necessary, add oil to the pan and fry the mushrooms for a few minutes. Add the spelled wheat flour and cook the flour for a while in the pan.

3. Add cream, chicken broth and balsamic vinegar. Boil for a while until the sauce thickens a little. Add the chicken fillets to the sauce and sprinkle chopped parsley on top.