Balmain: older models at Paris Fashion Week

Lto Paris Fashion Week 2024 it only started two days ago but there’s already no talk of anything else. Scenography that “breathes”, fashion shows where it is forbidden to use cell phones, models over 50 on the catwalk at Balmain: under the lights of the Eiffel Tower everything is possible.

The Dior Autumn-Winter 2024/2025 show at Paris Fashion Week

They are not enough all the celebrities in the front row to make Paris the most talked about Fashion Week of the fashion month. Now even designers are betting everything on virality, feeding it to the web memorable parades and food for thought that inspires lively discussions.

The Row’s cell phone-off fashion show

The most effective way to get people talking about yourself? For the Olsen twins, owners and designers of the intrinsically quiet luxury brand The Rowwas prohibit the use of cell phones at your show. A categorical veto imposed even on the most avid influencers and tiktokers, who had to lay down their weapons of war and enjoy the parade without screens to interfere. Between who transgressed taking a few photos secretly and those who complained about it calling it one ridiculous request (see the New York Times journalist Vanessa Friedman), this communication strategy was divisive and therefore effective. On the other hand, good or bad, the important thing is that we talk about it.

Balmain’s casting agee

Data in hand, Milan Fashion Week marked the (almost) disappearance of curvy and plus size models from the catwalks. Although even French designers seem to have forgotten about body inclusivity, Balmain showed off on the Autumn Winter 2024 2025 catwalk a casting Yes varied, but in terms of age. With White hair and wrinkles proudly on display, they wore the sculptural dresses designed by Olivier Rousteing with extreme nonchalance.

A photo from backstage at Balmain.

Courrèges and the catwalk that breathes

To research theatricality And spectacularization in their shows it is increasingly common among young designers, who often also find themselves at the head of the largest fashion houses. In the wake of the success of Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant’s Coperniand their spray dress on Bella Haidid two years ago now, the chase towardswow effect has become increasingly competitive. Nicolas di Felice, creative director of Courrègessucceeded in his aim to amaze thanks, not only to what is his most successful collection so far, but also for aet design that seemed to breathe. A living lung in the center of the location marked the rhythm of the models’ strides with a background voice reciting “Take it slow”. A intimate climax which reached its maximum expression through clothes, and more particularly in a series of quietly explicit front pocket trousers.

The Saint Laurent fashion show without veils

Last, although prior to those already mentioned, we find the Saint Laurent show. The bold and talked about choice of the creative director Anthony Vaccarello was to use silks and transparent fabrics for the entire collection. From halter tops and pencil skirts to bow shirts, draped dresses and under jackets. Obligatory without bra and with the briefs clearly visible, the critics and the web wondered if it wasn’t an anachronistic choice.

Saint Laurent autumn winter 2024 2025.

As far as it is sheer be part of‘heritage of the brand and celebrate its sensual and captivating soul, there are those who have seen a disproportionate objectification of the female body and an overly literal image of transgression, as well as yet another collection designed solely and exclusively for slim and curveless bodies.

Fashionespecially during fashion shows, can be divisive. Some shows you either love them or hate them. But it is almost impossible not to see them, comment on them and thus make them viral.