Bakers closed by NVWA will reopen on Saturday with bread from colleagues

The shops of Bakkerij Van Keulen can open again on Saturday thanks to the help of fellow bakers. On Friday it was announced that the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) had closed the business because hygiene was not in order. According to the NVWA, these problems were so serious that there was an acute danger to public health.

“We are helped by our fellow bakers. They supply stock for all our stores, so that we can again sell bread and pastries as customers are used to from us,” said owner Gerhard van Keulen on Friday evening.

The NVWA did not reveal what exactly was wrong with Bakker Van Keulen. Van Keulen also does not provide clarity about this. “We are doing our utmost to get everything in order,” he said in a response to Omroep Brabant.

‘Technical problems’
Van Keulen said on Friday morning that there were technical problems at the central bakery. He later admitted that the shops were closed by order of the NVWA. All fourteen Bakkerij Van Keulen stores were closed on Friday. The bakeries are located in Oirschot, Den Bosch and Rosmalen, among others.

The NVWA does not say whether the bread and other products from Bakkerij Van Keulen can be eaten. “It is up to the consumer to decide what to do with the product,” says a spokeswoman. “They either throw it away or take it back to the bakery.”

Customers of the bakery reacted with surprise to the news: