BADA Fair: closed the massive meeting between art, the public and the edges

“Year after year we were revolutionizing the art market and establishing ourselves as the fair that works the most to bring art closer to people. Last year more than 100,000 people visited us. Today we are the largest Direct Artist fair in the world. In Mexico and Madrid it was also a success. We know that thousands of people bought her first work in BADA and we also gave visibility to many super-talented artists who did not have a space to make themselves known”, the plastic artist had pointed out. Ana Spinettodirector of Buenos Aires Direct from Artist (BADA) to NEWS a few days before the start of the 2023 edition of the event.

The meeting held from August 24 to 27, revalidated what was declared by the referent of the BADA art fair with a turnout that exceeded one hundred thousand visits. During the exhibition held on the premises of the Rural, it was possible to visualize the accompaniment of the public to the artists selected for the event. In this context, several visitors acquired quality works at affordable prices, thanks to the careful curation of the participating artists. The concept of the event was “to be the bridge between the artist and the public, establishing a special connection”.

Carlos Pagni

Several celebrities attended the event and took photos with different painters, photographers and sculptors who were part of the exhibition in the different spaces. Among the prominent guests who could be seen on the tour was the journalist Carlos Pagni. The host of Odyssey Argentina went through the corridors of the exhibition, appreciating the different stands and their works.


In its eleventh edition, the event not only had the participation of prominent Argentine artists, but also received talented artists from Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and Guatemala. Each participant offered a wide selection of his artistic works in various sizes, at least 10 works in small format, with a maximum value of 30,000 pesos.

Diego Leuco

Another journalist who was present at the exhibition was Diego Leuco. The young man, who is in charge of Antes Que Nadie on LUZU TV, was accompanied by his partner Sofia Martinez and talked with different artists. Appreciating the works of art in the exhibition, the son of alfredo leuco He was seen encouraged after weeks ago he was hospitalized on the recommendation of doctors after the results of some blood tests.


Among the activities, the studio of tattoos and paintings was present skull tattoo doing live tattoos Copyright attorney, Elba Marcovecchio, offered an open talk related to artificial intelligence and copyright, while the artist Fabiana Barreda explored the themes of art, the body, and technology. Ana Spinetto and Sergio Spasiano, They gave a free talk to all the artists about the essential tools and techniques to be able to make a living from art.

milo lockett

Among the featured artists was milo lockett exhibiting his paintings and showing off his unique style. In addition, the artist offered a children’s workshop in which the children had to color some of the artist’s sketches. Pablo Bernasconi, Renowned for his unique approach, he presented works that combine humor and wit and depth. Gonzalo Lauda was presenting his series of battles, recreating milestones in the history of Argentine Independence.


BesidesAna Seggiaro he merged digital creation, sampling and textile intervention in an artistic amalgamation that challenged the limits of the imagination. paula ponsFor his part, he carried out his latest series entitled “Exposing Myths”; composed of impressive sculptures three meters high made with cardboard and newspapers. Finally, the talented Juan Riviere exhibited his painted portraits of the highest popular references of sport and national culture.

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