BabyOne starts with its own label “Elsa & Emil”

The omnichannel company BabyOne from Münster has founded a start-up for the launch of its new own brand “Elsa & Emil” and is strategically repositioning the previous BabyOne retail brand BO. The new BabyOne private label strategy is based on two pillars: On the one hand, on the development of a D2C business model with the newly created brand “Elsa & Emil”, named after the children of Anna Weber and Jan Weischer, the two siblings who run the family business second lead generation. On the other hand, the previous BabyOne trade mark BO will be renamed “Little One”, restructured and expanded in the BabyOne franchise network.

Detached from the umbrella brand BabyOne, but with the expertise of more than 30 years of trading in baby and toddler equipment, the family business wants to position the new brand in the medium-price segment. The start-up employs a team of six people. When it comes to product development, the two founders rely on the expertise of their franchisees and specialist consultants from the BabyOne stores. The advisory board, which was brought on board in 2020 and consists of well-known start-up entrepreneurs, supports strategic questions, tech know-how and marketing. As the first product, Elsa & Emil is launching a stroller developed according to sustainable aspects with additional accessories such as backpacks, organizers, rain and insect protection.

The previous own brand “BO” will be successively replaced by the brand “Little One”, which is positioned in the low to medium price segment. The private label range has so far included prams, baby textiles and clothing as well as toys, and is to be gradually expanded to include all product groups related to baby and toddler equipment.

BabyOne itself operates 27 stores of its own, and there are also 76 stores that are run by partners in the franchise system.