Baby Etchecopar was one of the guests at the table Mirtha Legrand of Saturday. In the program that marked the return of “la Chiqui”, the host spoke of the departure of Viviana Canosa. “Viviana Canosa hurt us a lot. I’ve been on television for years and if they banned me from something, which doesn’t happen to me, I’d say they banned me from a note: I don’t do it, but I say it. I don’t slam a door, ever,” he told her. driver in the “Mesaza”.

    More than a month ago, the head of Grupo América, Daniel Villa, had prohibited Canosa from showing on the air a video of an escrache made to the Minister of Economy Serge Massa. The driver then resigned alleging “censorship”. “It was not censorship. All the channels have a journalistic line,” replied Etchecopar. and his words caused the reaction of the tweeters. Canosa’s followers came out to defend her. “How can I bank you, Baby you are the same as Massa”, “You should be more supportive”, are some of the claims that the journalist received.

    Another thing that fans of Canosa alleged against Baby it was “envy”. It happens that after the departure of the driver, a pothole was generated in her time slot. The gray-haired program gave “Basta Baby” a rating of between 2 and 4 points, which became 0. This made it difficult for her program to reach an acceptable number, since she began to start having to come back from the nothing itself.

    Viviana Canosa spoke with “Partners of the Show”. “I want to have my own media,” said the driver.

    It is not the first time that Baby talks about what happened with his former partner. The driver told Mirtha’s table that because she had spoken as soon as Canosa resigned, “she pissed him off on the street.”

    A month after his departure from Grupo América, Canosa reappeared with a live broadcast on Instagram. There he referred to his resignation: “Everything that happened gives me a lot of anger because I am a journalist, I need my microphone to tell what is happening in Argentina. I couldn’t stand that they wanted to put a gag on me, “he said. And he added:” I want to thank my herd of assholes, so mistreated by this government. Thank you for accompanying me and not leaving me alone. Thanks to all the media that came out to demonstrate for censorship.”

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    After Canosa’s departure, the channel decided to broadcast a compilation with interviews with the host, and before that some images of the program’s scenery with an empty desk: thus, the channel achieved a peak of 3.2 in rating.

    A few days ago, the journalist turned to her social networks to make a revelation: “Next week we do an Instagram Live and talk about everything!” And her tweet accumulated more than 10 thousand “likes” and 1200 “retweets”. But it went further and In an interview with “Socios del Espectáculo”, the journalist said that everything that happened opened her mind and that, in the best Roberto Navarro style, she is thinking of having “her own media”.

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