The operators have revealed the best-selling phones of August.

    Xiaomi Redmi 9C NFC, Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G and Samsung Galaxy A03. Samsung / Redmi

    August is a busy time for operators, when many go to buy a phone for school or work. Based on the sales lists for August, consumers are ready to invest a lot of money in a phone, but especially cheaper phones are popular. For example, the Xiaomi Redmi 9C NFC, which costs less than 100 euros, became DNA’s best-selling phone.

    If you’re looking for an affordable and durable phone for a child, you should check out Iltalehti’s previous test, where we listed seven good options. You can access the article here.

    – August is always really busy in the phone shop, when we go back to school and work after the holidays. Schoolchildren are usually bought slightly more affordable phones, and that was the case this year as well. Samsung’s offer model Samsung Galaxy A03 took first place on the list and also a recycled phone, Apple Iphone 8 Recycled made it to the top ten, Telia’s device business manager Markku Saranpää says in the announcement.

    There has been a change in the list of operators in how well different phone brands are represented. For example, Elisa and DNA have four different brands among the top five best-selling phones. Samsung and Oneplus dominate the top five best-selling phones at Telia.

    ‒ Currently, there are many equally interesting models on the phone market and not just one clear favorite that consumers would obviously choose, Elisa’s home electronics business director Ville Valkama says.

    According to Valkama, many phones are still bought despite the economic situation.

    ‒ The demand for phones is still high at the moment and sales are brisk despite inflation. The telephone is such an integral part of everyday life and our lives that a new one is purchased or an old one is repaired if necessary, regardless of the financial situation.

    The Nothing Phone tested by Iltalehti, which is a completely new entrant on the market, also made it to the best-seller list at Elisa. The phone turned out to be a really competent mid-priced phone. You can read the test here.

    CEO of DNA Kauppa Sami Aavikko however, notes that the situation has made consumers look for cheaper alternatives.

    – Although the demand for smartphones was brisk in August, the increased cost of living for consumers is also visible in the sales of smartphones. More affordable phones were bought in DNA Stores and DNA’s online store in August, and buyers of new phones also took advantage of the cost-free and interest-free DNA Payment Period more than a year ago, says Aavikko.

    The 129-euro Xiaomi Redmi 9C NFC, which is one of the cheapest phones in the selection, became the best-selling phone on DNA. The phone in question is widely available for less than a hundred euros.

    The lists of the best-selling phones of the operators in August are listed below.


    1. Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G
    2. Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G
    4. Apple iPhone 13 5G
    5. Oneplus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G
    6. Samsung Galaxy A13
    7. Xiaomi Redmi 9C
    8. Apple iPhone 12 5G
    9. Oneplus Nord 2 5G
    10. Apple iPhone 11
    11. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
    12. Samsung Galaxy A03
    13. Apple iPhone 13 Pro 5G
    14. Nothing Phone (1) 5G
    15. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G


    1. Samsung Galaxy A03
    2. OnePlus 9 5G
    3. Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G
    4. Oneplus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G
    5. Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    6. Apple iPhone 12 5G
    7. Xiaomi Redmi 9C
    8. Apple iPhone 13 5G
    9. Apple Iphone 8 Recycled
    10. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G


    1. Xiaomi Redmi 9C NFC
    2. Oneplus Nord CE 2 5G
    3. Apple iPhone 13 5G
    4. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
    5. Samsung Galaxy A03
    6. Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    7. Apple iPhone 12 5G
    8. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G
    9. Samsung Galaxy A13
    10. Apple iPhone 11
    11. Samsung Galaxy S22 5G
    12. Apple iPhone 13 Pro 5G
    13. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G
    14. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G
    15. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G