Status: 09/17/2022 7:49 p.m

    With more than 33 percent of all votes, Vincent Müller from MSV Duisburg won the vote for the goal of the month August 2022.

    Müller, goalkeeper of MSV Duisburg, scored the goal in the 3rd division game against SV Meppen. It was 2-0. After a free kick deep in Duisburg’s own half, Müller hit the ball well over the field, the ball ticked in front of Meppen goalkeeper Jonas Kersken and flew over the 21-year-old to make it 2-0 (65 minutes). In the end, Meppen lost to Duisburg 0:3 (0:1).

    More than 80,000 people voted for the goal of the Duisburg goalkeeper. He leaves second-placed Christoph Baumgartner from TSG Hoffenheim (57,000 votes) behind. Third is John Verhoek from Hansa Rostock with 36,000 votes.