Audi and 2026 in F1: “Drivers chosen on the basis of merit”

The CEO of Audi Formula Racing, Adam Baker, on the F1 project: “Our attention is focused on the collaboration with Sauber: it’s too early to talk about the drivers, but our choice will be dictated by performance”

The hands point to 2026, the defined year for theentry into F1. L’Audi he is laying the foundations for his great project in the Circus and, obviously, the preparations are in full swing. Audi Formula Racing CEO Adam Baker clearly says: “With the first race in three years, it’s too early to talk seriously about drivers, but the interest in this topic is evident – Baker’s words to ‘PlanetF1’ – Any decision we make for the riders, however, will be based on performance: this is the top priority.”

One of the topics on the table concerns that of the engines: “As regards i 2026 engines, we can’t rule out the possibility of supplying a customer team, but with six builders registered for 2026, the chances are minimal – Baker clarifies -. At the moment we are not actively looking for a customer and our focus is on working with Sauber.”