Robbery in Potsdam

    Robbery in Potsdam: the police are looking for this boy Photo: Police

    From the BZ editorial team

    An unknown boy is said to have attacked two elderly victims in Potsdam in mid-May. Now the police are publicly looking for him.

    On May 14, 2022, the boy, together with another boy and a girl, is said to have violently snatched the handbag from an 87-year-old elderly woman on the south ramp of the Humboldt Bridge in Potsdam.

    According to the police, there is a suspicion that the boy committed another robbery on the same day on an elderly victim.

    The police ask: Who knows the boy and can provide information on his identity and whereabouts?

    The police take information on 0331-5508 0 or per notice form on the internet opposite.


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