Atp Doha result Zeppieri beaten with Ruusuvuori

The Roman, n. 133 in the ranking, he still played on par against the Finn who this year at the Australian Open made Medvedev tremble

The Doha tournament (1,390,000 euros, hard court) remains without Italians in singles. After Musetti and Sonego on Monday (but they made up for it in doubles by beating the Americans Withrow and Lammons in three sets), the first round also proved fatal for Giulio Zeppieri, n.133 in the ranking and coming from the qualifiers: the twenty-two year old from Latina was defeated 7-6 (2) 7-5 by the Finnish Emil Ruusuvuori, 43 ATP, coached by the Italian Federico Ricci. In the first set, serves dominate and neither player concedes break points: the left-handed player followed by Max Sartori is very good at resisting the opponent’s web, who doesn’t have a decisive shot but is solid and knows how to move very well in defense. The logical conclusion of the partial is the tie-break, dominated by experience by the Finn, who immediately breaks the serve from the blue in the first game of the second set. But Giulio quickly absorbs the blow, continues to be aggressive and without any fear and in the fourth game he gets the counterbreak. Now every game is fought, the serving turns become a point-by-point trap, Zeppieri does not exploit three consecutive break points in the eighth game (he will end up with 1 out of 8 in this statistic) and as always in these cases the sport does not forgive: in ‘In the 11th game the Italian loses serve again, only to give in just over an hour and three quarters.

traced path

But the path is right, he played on par with a rival of a high level and very difficult for everyone to face (ask Medvedev at the 2024 Australian Open, who found himself down two sets to zero), it’s just a matter of finding continuity and playing games of this level more often: on the other hand, just three years ago, an emerging Sinner (they are the same age and often faced each other as juniors) considered Giulio more gifted than him…