It is worth packing multi-purpose power products for the summer holiday.

    Many head to the cottage during midsummer or otherwise during the summer. Skin care may remain secondary when relaxing in the cottage, even if you shouldn’t compromise on beauty care, even at the cottage. Otherwise, the return journey may result in tightening, irritated, burnt and flowering skin.

    Remember that natural waters are not made for cleaning. So rinse off your shampoos, conditioners and soaps from your skin in the shower, sauna or even a bucket of water in the soil before taking a dip in the natural waters. This tip also applies to biodegradable products.

    We listed ten beauty favorites that are worth grabbing at the cottage itself or as a gift!

    Neal’s Yard Remedies, Wild Rose Multifunction Cream, 53.95 e, Grass root.

    If you only take one product with you, then it is a good idea to have a wild rose multifunction cream. Namely, it can be used as a cleanser, a light mask and an intensive nourishing treatment for dry skin areas or the whole face. The sun, bathing and the outdoors are sensitive to dry face, so moisturizing the skin is important.

    Pura Nordica, Rose Root Facial Water, 27.90 e, Pura Nordica.

    Pura Nordica’s rose root toner works by name as a toner. However, the product can be sprayed on the skin throughout the day. Whenever a little extra hydration or refreshment is needed. This domestic product contains rose root extract that protects the skin and domestic, moisturizing and skin rejuvenating birch sap.

    Aco, After Sun Milk – Tan Prolonging, 12.50 e, University’s pharmacy.

    The importance of sunscreen cannot be overemphasized. With the help of sun protection, you prevent the skin from burning and protect your complexion from the sun’s aging and damaging effects. Here you will find the most suitable sunscreen for your cottage:

    However, if you get burned, then after sun is your best friend. Aco has conjured up a soothing and effectively moisturizing after sun emulsion that activates tanning and prolongs the duration of a natural tan.

    BTB13, Smoothing Body Cream, Hill’s shop.

    A variety of snails are often the torment of midsummer and cottage travel. Despite the nose, spraying mosquito poison may not be attractive. Fortunately, there are also more natural ways to banish spores and other bugs. Lemongrass is one scent that snails don’t like. The BTB13 brand’s moisturizing and moisturizing body lotion contains lemon grass, so this pampering body lotion helps keep spores away.

    ON x Forest / Skogen, Evergreen face mask with forest microbes, 34.90 e, Sees Company.

    What is more wonderful than putting on a sauna and pampering yourself with wonderful treatments. The Ikimetsä face mask made in Finland is a wonderful 3-in-1 product that is suitable for these pampering moments. The product works as a moisturizing honey mask, as a forest bath that supports the body’s microbiome, and as a gentle exfoliation for the face.

    weDo, Shampoo Bar Light & Soft, 14.90 e, Ellos.

    Piece goods are perfect travel companions, especially when you go on a trip. They take up little space and often operate in quite a variety of ways. This weDo brand plastic-free shampoo works for both hair and body cleansing. 95% of the ingredients in this shampoo are natural.

    If you want to shrink the can arsenal, check out the different pieces for the face, body and hair:

    Luonkos, Miracle cleansing milk piece, 32.95 euros, Luonkos.

    This domestic cleansing milk cleanse the facial skin effectively. In addition to make-up, sunscreen also leaves the skin more easily than normal. Cleansing milk leaves a silky soft feeling on your face without drying your skin.

    Bonacure, Sun Protect, 3in1 Scalp, Hair & Body Cleanse, Sokos.

    This versatile cleanser removes residues of sunscreen, chlorine and brine from the scalp, hair and body. The product is cleansing, refreshing and charmingly moisturizing.

    pHformula, Crystal eyes, phFormula beauty salon.

    There will be more squinting in the sunlight than usual. Especially if the sunglasses are not at hand at that very moment. Crystal eyes undercoat reduces the visibility of wrinkles and makes the skin smoother and brighter during the night.

    After use, the eyelids can be placed in a small amount of water in which they dissolve in about 20 minutes. The gel thus obtained can be used as a mask on the whole face. The masking gel must be used within 24 hours.

    By Raili, Pro Glow Oil Serum, 44.60 e, Olo Pharmacy.

    The oil serum containing antioxidants is suitable for all skin types. This gorgeous silky light product makes your skin glow in a way that can even radically reduce makeup.

    Photos: manufacturers