As part of its digital transformation project, the Swedish furniture company, IKEA, presented a new simulator app furnishing virtual. Called IKEA Kreativ, the downloadable program on iOS and desktop computer, creates a replica of furniture pieces and allows you to freely compose an interior design with IKEA products thanks to mixed reality. According to IKEA, this new design experience will serve to ” reduce the gap between e-commerce and the in-store customer journey.

    Preview IKEA furniture in customer living spaces

    With IKEA Kreativ, American customers will no longer need to go to stores and browse galleries to find what they need to decorate their interiors. The application that uses 3D and AI technology was developed by Geomagical Labs, acquired in 2020 by IKEA. She takes care of digitally reconstructing the living space and placing IKEA furniture there, from the screen of a smartphone or computer.

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    The IKEA Kreativ app is the first ever mixed reality design experience “, emphasizes the company. It presents itself as an alternative to IKEA Place, an application that scans a room and installs furniture. However, its possibilities are much more extensive with wide-angle 3D capture options, object recognition and especially stereovision algorithms. IKEA Kreativ not only offers the opportunity to redecorate a space with realistic reproductions, but also to remove existing furniture and replace it with 3D products.

    How IKEA Kreativ works

    IKEA Kreativ is exclusively for iOS devices and computers. However, the company claimed that the application will be available on Android in the coming months. To start the simulation, the user must take a video of the room so that the IKEA Kreativ Scene Scanner program assesses the scene from 5 key locations. The camera should cover the entire space to optimize scaling. Then, the captured images overlap to create depth of field. To do this, the user performs a figure-eight movement.

    After these steps, all that remains is to place, move, rotate, stack or hang the furniture, as needed. ” With Geomagical Labs’ innovative, intuitive technology and a simple digital experience, we believe IKEA Kreativ will break down barriers to home furnishing shopping, allowing people to go from inspiration to reality and design their perfect house sums up IKEA.