At the Casa delle donne in Milan: “What space for women in politics?”

Lto House of Women of Milan in via Marsala was inaugurated on 8 March 2014, as an “open place, at the same time intimate and public, animated by affectionate relationships and dialogue on practices and thoughts”. As the presentation of the event on 7,8,9 March reminds us, underlining how the spark was the Municipality’s invitation in 2011 to women to express wishes and requests to the local administration. Over the 10 years, the Women’s House project has evolved and is now declined into 18 different groups. The focus now is on the future and the changes in the city.

March 8 in Afghanistan: twenty courageous women marching for their rights

March 7: the space for women in politics

This is why the three days begins with the debate “Milan: any political space for women?” They intervene Carlotta Cossuttaco-president of the Casa delle Donne of Milan, Lucia Tozzi, author of the book The invention of Milan (Cronopio 2023), Elena Lattuada, Mayor’s Delegate for Equal Opportunities, Diana De Marchi, President of the Equal Opportunities Commission.

The program for March 8 and 9 at the Casa delle Donne

At the Women’s House on the following two days, 8 and 9 March, moments of in-depth analysis and spaces for meeting and “re-creation” alternate with the many activity centers present. At 10.30am on March 8th we open with reading newspapers with the journalists of Giulia United Free Journalists and autonomous and with Marta Serafini, foreign correspondent of Corriere della Sera. In the afternoon then workshops and games in the garden, for children, and a theatrical appointment with the actresses of ATIR Teatro Ringhiera who act songs from The Supplicants of Euripides. Then everyone at the demonstration on March 8th. Saturday 9th after the presentation of the Feminist Gym, a space for well-being and body care, a large space for in-depth study on women and war, a path that is accompanied by moments of meeting on the many initiatives promoted by the Women’s House.

Jasmine Trinca at the International Women’s House on the occasion of the day of mobilization on May 24, 2018.

Women and war: projections and debates

The focus of the Casa delle Donne on March 9th on Women and War includes a screening of the documentary at 11am Erasmus in Gaza directed by Chiara Aversani, followed by the interview allUkrainian activist Tasha Lomonosova by Sotsialnyi Rukh, from Movimento Sociale, at 2 pm, and the speech by Belquis Roshan Andx Independent Senator of the Afghan Parliamentedited by Italian Committee for Support of Afghan Womenat 3pm. The short film closes the window Blooming in the desert on the Kurdish women’s movementdirected by Benedetta Argentieri, with an intervention by Jin Network.

Women in the resistance with Benedetta Tobagi

Information desks will be open throughout the day and workshops will be held. They are reported by Femm Table “What alternatives to the cultural hegemony of patriarchy?” , at 11am, and Dance even just with your gaze – Biodanza with Mariateresa Oldani, at 3pm. She closes a literary space: Benedetta Tobagi tells the story Women in the Resistance yesterday and today Marika Pensa recites excerpts from Happiness by Katherine Mansfield. On 8 and 9 March there will also be the opportunity to have lunch and dinner thanks to the buffets organized by the cooks and the students of the Francesca Amoni Italian school and the Intercultura Group.