At the beginning of the 20th century, Italian immigrants invented bread in America, which is again a hit

Subs are experiencing a new season of prosperity. The bread trend also reached Finland.

The traditional filling of the sub is meatballs. ADOBE STOCK / AOP

A Sub Sandwich is a bread, baguette or bun that is split lengthwise and filled with, among other things, meat, cheese, vegetables and sauces.

Sub Sandwich is also known as submarine or sub. The name “submarine” or “sub” is said to be because the bread resembles a submarine in shape.

There are different stories about the origin of the Sub Sandwich, but it is known to have been invented by Italian immigrants in the United States.

According to some sources, the name Submarine was invented by a New York baker by Dominic Conti In the early 20th century, after being inspired by the Fenian Ram submarine in the museum.

Another theory links the origin of Submarine bread to New London, where the largest submarine base and shipyard in the United States was located during World War II. According to the story, the father of the idea is a local merchant named Benedetto Capaldo.

Versions of this delicacy can be found in different parts of the United States, where there is a large population of Italian origin, and Subes first became popular in the United States, but it has spread to the world, where the filling is each region’s own ingredients.

Sandwich culture has conquered the world for several years. It has become a hit in the wake of hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza. A nutritious sandwich is a food trend that is now also reaching Finnish home kitchens.

Robin Packalen’s favorite bread filling is fiery chicken, which also has cabbage and spiced mayo. Eeva Paljakka

Vaasan’s Finnish version of the sub bun has arrived in stores. Also a musician By Robin Packalen was involved in designing a new bread baked in Finland.

– I got to taste several different versions of the bun. I was hoping for, among other things, more sugar and salt, Packalen says at the press conference.

The bread got surface salting.

Packalen’s own favorite filling is chili chicken. A top chef who developed recipes for Vaasan Mikko Kaukonen made an improved version of Robin’s recipe.

Robin Packalen says that he eats different types of bread many times a day. Eeva Paljakka

Hot chicken sandwich

Sub Sandwich breads

160 g coleslaw salad

1/2 pot coriander

1/2 pot of mint

1 jalapeno in rings

4 tablespoons of roasted onion


360 g boneless chicken cutlets (depending on the size and you can also use breast fillet)

1 tsp miso

2 cloves of garlic

20 g of fresh ginger

1 dl mirin

1 tablespoon Korean ssamjang paste

1/2 dl low-salt soy sauce

Gochujang Mayonnaise:

100 g of mayonnaise

1 tbsp gochujang paste

1/2 teaspoon lime juice


150 g of white cabbage

50 g of carrot

1 shallot

1 clove of garlic

2 tbsp gari ginger

2 tablespoons of rice vinegar

2 tablespoons of sugar

1 tablespoon of water

1 tablespoon of black sesame seeds

1. First prepare the chicken: grate ginger and garlic in a large bowl with mirin and miso. Add the samjang paste, soy sauce and mix the ingredients. Place the chicken steaks in the marinade to season. Transfer the chickens to the refrigerator for at least an hour or preferably overnight. Fry the chickens in oil in a pan and cook in a 160-degree oven until done.

2. Prepare the coleslaw: slice the cabbage, carrot and onions. Boil water, vinegar, sugar and pour it warm over the sliced ​​vegetables. Let it season for at least 1 hour. Finally, add the roasted sesame seeds and chopped ginger to the coleslaw.

3. Prepare the gochujang mayonnaise by mixing the ingredients together.

4. Toast the rolls in a 160-degree oven for 4 min. Place coleslaw, chicken, mayonnaise, jalapenos and herbs on the bottom.