Assizes: Man is on trial for the murder of a friend

Assizes: Man is on trial for the murder of a friend

At first Steven M. denied that he had anything to do with his friend’s death. Then he admitted that he hit him. The victim’s family hopes they will find out more about what exactly happened.

Stephen Schellinck, lawyer next of kin victim: “He first made a completely unbelievable statement. He only confessed a month later. And he also maintains that he does not remember many things. Which I do not think is correct. He knows it all too well; but he does not wish to say it.”

The autopsy shows that the victim did indeed die from strong stamping and blows to the head and abdomen. Filip De Reuse, lawyer accused: “I think that they were both, and this has also been proven toxicologically, heavily intoxicated. And had taken quite a lot of medication. I think it is logical that people no longer remember everything.”

Risk of new domestic violence

Their criminal records showed that both those involved had been struggling with an alcohol problem for some time. For example, from 2003 to 2015, M. had already been convicted six times for traffic violations, such as hit-and-run and drunk driving. In turn, Delannoy was convicted in 2011 after he hit a cycling family while under the influence of alcohol. No less than six ex-partners of the accused stated that their relationship was accompanied by excessive violence. Especially under the influence of alcohol, Steven M. regularly went completely crazy. In May 2014, the criminal court of Ypres sentenced him to six months’ suspended prison sentence for intimate partner violence. In 1997, M. had already been suspended for two months in prison for another act of violence. According to the court psychiatrist, there is a high risk of new domestic violence anyway.

About sixty people will testify during the assize process. Steven M. will know his sentence on Thursday.

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