Assen water tower ready for guests: ‘Proud that it all worked out’

It cost the new owner Riemer van den Berg almost double what was budgeted. But after a year and a half of renovation, the historic water tower of Assen is ready as a luxurious place to stay. However, you still have to sleep a hundred nights before you can book it.

The official opening is on Friday, October 13. The guinea pigs then test out the overnight accommodation until the new year. “Because I really want to put the finishing touches on it,” says Riemer van den Berg.

From next year, the water tower can be booked and you can stay at a height of 35 meters, on three floors that are fully equipped, such as sauna, sports and games and a film room. But the icing on the cake is the beautiful view over the city of Assen and the surrounding area. “And in clear weather you can even see the Groningen skyline, because that’s where the Gasunie building is,” he points north from behind the window.

He is very proud that the trick has now been done. “Yes, I am very happy that we succeeded with a small team, and with only local parties. But don’t ask me how. I have sometimes wondered what I had gotten myself into. But we persevered with a great result .”

Because there were plenty of setbacks for Van den Berg and his team. Building materials that were not there, elevator parts that were not available for a long time, so they had to hoist things up with a large Mammoet crane. Each time a thousand euros were added. And prices also rose enormously due to corona.”

Van den Berg is honest enough to admit that ‘a whole burden has been lifted off his shoulders’ now that the transformation of the concrete water tank is complete. “Finally some time for some relaxation,” he laughs, as he hangs in a sturdy net with cushions, floating between the third and second floors.

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