The month of December is just around the corner and that means extra dressing up, good food and lots of presents. But right now fewer and fewer families can afford that. Anne Gevers from Sint-Oedenrode therefore thought it was the ultimate festive idea to play Sinterklaas and Santa Claus herself. This is how she delivers presents to a poor family this year.

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    Rochelle Moss

    Anne (38) has two children of her own and cannot imagine that they would no longer be able to celebrate Sinterklaas and Christmas. “In these times, everyone has to pay more and more attention to their money and then I think it is only normal that you help others. I don’t have the money growing on my back either, but we can give our children presents. There are there are plenty who have it worse than us.”

    “He prefers that everything I buy is for the little boy.”

    She signed up for the Facebook page Secret Santa. A help platform for families who are struggling financially. There she could choose a family herself that she would like to help with a package of food or presents for under the tree. “I would like to hand it over personally, so then I ended up with a family in Eindhoven.”

    It concerns a father and a ten-year-old son. The mother passed away last year and they are not very well off. “I have already texted the father and he prefers that everything I buy is for the boy,” says Anne. “I then said that he can also think about himself and I also want to give him something nice. A nice fragrance or some care products has long been fine for him, he said.”

    “It would be nice if more people started doing this.”

    Anne planned to make a package of about fifty euros. But now she gets so much help from the people around her that she probably goes well over it. “The boy is a big fan of PSV and Pokemon, so I made a call to see if people still have it. There were many reactions. Someone has already brought a clock and another an Ax deodorant. Very sweet. The more I get, the bigger the Christmas gift will be.”

    Anne hopes that more people who can afford something will follow her example. “I am a hairdresser myself, so I talk to enough people about it. Who knows, more people will do it. That would be nice, to keep the December spirit in it.”

    Anne wraps the presents for the Christmas package (photo: private image)
    Anne wraps the presents for the Christmas package (photo: private image)