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Luz, how did your works evolve from your beginnings as an artist to the present?

I consider that it is the result of a long journey that has as protagonists my training and the different influences to which I am permeable. By this I mean certain topics of general culture that interest me a lot and with which I am in constant contact. I am nourished by history and at the same time by the avant-garde, I have a lot of respect for the path taken by artists, especially from the Argentine scene.

However, my style is a personal hallmark that has always been with me, I work with curved lines, organic shapes that form a kind of framework, almost labyrinthine.

What is your work methodology?

I have many works that I was doing especially in the last three years, some on the occasion of a particular project, and others that I was doing in my workshop and were part of some exhibitions and samples.

I also often make works to order when they ask me for something specific regarding the size of the work or the color palette.

In addition, I have many watercolors with inks and canvases with inks as well. The ink is what best suits the technique and language I use.

How do you project yourself for the coming years?

I want my art to flow with the experimentation of what I see is working and discard those things that are far from my project.

I want to continue sharing what I do in the best way and I will continue participating in national and international exhibitions.

Also, the fact that someone chooses a work of mine to be in their home or to be part of a collection fills me with pride. Being able to reach the public with part of my story is my greatest wish.

Additionally, I am looking to share my experience with other artists. Collective or team work seems very enriching to me and it seems to me that in this way more than interesting proposals can be developed.

I am currently working on several ideas with some colleagues, for example on a project that involves the use of natural dyes and recycled materials.

What is the idea that you want to share through your works?

I am a person who lives very much in harmony with nature, I firmly believe that we must return to communion with the earth. That’s why my lines have that organic shape. In some way they are like roots that nourish me and then grow within me until they develop and emerge in the form of ideas and emotions.

I talk about habitat and human nature, we are nature.

How do you analyze the art market in Argentina? Is there space for artists?

I believe that in recent years the number of proposals in the field of art has grown a lot. With fairs, for example, we are reaching an audience that perhaps did not previously think about having a work of art in their homes; it was exclusive to a single sector, probably due to lack of knowledge. Nowadays, there are options for everyone.

I also see that in the city, especially, there are many activities such as samples, exhibitions, etc. That’s something you don’t see everywhere. I would like it to also develop a little outside the area of ​​the Federal Capital.

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Luz Marina Kaplan


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