Artificial Rome Appoints Chief Metaverse Officer

Digital design studio Artificial Rome has named Kadine James to the role of Chief Metaverse Officer.

In her new position, James, who was named one of Yahoo Finance’s top 10 Metraverse founders in 2022, will develop future-oriented experiences for customers, the Berlin studio announced on Tuesday.

James is no stranger to Artifical Rome. In 2022 they developed the “Digital Relics Fashion Project” with the digital fashion house Sapiensi. According to Berlin, it was the common aesthetic interest in detailed, immersive environments and the idea of ​​making shows and events in the Metaverse even more emotional and top-class that led to the collaboration. James’ role as Artificial Rome’s Chief Metaverse Officer is now to develop and leverage Soil, Artificial Rome’s metaverse environment for luxury brands. A corresponding project is planned for the Metaverse Fashion Week.

According to her profile on the LinkedIn careers network, the metaverse expert previously worked as a creative technologist at the tech companies Verizon and Yahoo. Most recently, she worked as a metaverse strategist for the consulting firm Accenture. In 2018 she also founded the digital artist collective The Immersive Kind.