The Brazilian midfielder, on loan from Juventus to Liverpool, wanted to express his disappointment for the past year on Instagram

    The beginning of the year is always a time to take stock of the past. And for Arthur 2022 was a year to forget. His experience at Juventusit got worse and worse over time, so much so that it slipped back in the hierarchies and ended up on the market. Then the move on loan to Liverpool, in the last hours of the summer market. But even England was stingy with satisfactions, also due to a injury which kept him out for a long time.

    The Brazilian midfielder entrusted one outburst to his profile Instagram an outburst on the past year:2022, the hardest year of my life! A footballingly complicated year, with so many injuries, so many criticisms that I had to listen to in silencewithout even having the chance to tell the truth, what was really happening, many sleepless nights from physical pain, many days in hospital, the anguish of waiting for the doctor hoping it wasn’t something that could make it impossible for me to do what I love most: play football. The year I charged more as a footballer to achieve my goals.

    2022 was the year I worked hardest off the courtwhere I trained the most, where I worked the most, and that was the year in which I had more problems in the field. One year with a lot of emotional turmoil in my private life, a year where the more I fought the more things went astray! And especially… 2022 was the year I grew the most as a person, as a son, as a boyfriend, as a friend, as an athlete! I can only give thanks for the year 2022, for all the teachings, a difficult year, a difficult phase. But it was a year that taught me a lot and that I will carry on to the next few years of my life. Thank you 2022 and may 2023 come! Be Strong, Have Faith”. But speaking of the transfer market, Juventus are targeting two world champions<<<