Arslanián and Moreno Ocampo, distinguished for the Trial of the Juntas

He Trial of the military Juntas in 1985, Shortly after democracy was recovered, it marked a milestone in Argentine history with international significance. For this reason, on NOTICIAS’s 34th birthday, celebrated at the National Congress, This Magazine wanted to pay tribute to some of the protagonists of that feat.

NEWS Politics Editor, Franco Lindner presented distinctions to León Arslanian, judge of the National Court of Criminal and Correctional Appeals of the Federal Capital, who participated in the trial and presided over the court at the time the sentence was handed down. Also to Luis Moreno Ocampo, deputy prosecutor of the trial. He received one of his sons.

Besides, part of the team of young people created by prosecutor Julio César Strassera were honored to collaborate with the investigation of the trial and who managed to gather, in just four months, the evidence that proved the avalanche of complaints of human rights violations that allowed the former commanders to be convicted. Lucas Palacios, Carlos Somigliana (son), María del Carmen Tucci, Sergio Delgado and Javier Scipioni They went on stage.

“Everyone knows the value of the trial. That’s why it’s important for a magazine like this to distinguish it,” Arslanian said. And he added: “All this was the axis of the growth process of a democracy that would not have been able to move forward because, shortly after the trial began, military mobilizations appeared that conspired against the continuity of the process.”

Joaquín, son of Moreno Ocampo, who received his diploma from him, read a message written by his father, who lives in California: “I want to thank Noticias magazine for highlighting this moment, and remember the program led by President Alfonsín that allowed overcome hatred and revenge, and end 50 years of coups d’état in Argentina.” And he added: “My role as Prosecutor gave me a place as a privileged witness of the Argentine democratic transition that culminated in the condemnation in 1991 of the last Carapintada rebellion. I am honored to share this moment with General Balza who controlled that last rebellion and disciplined “We must remember that the mutineers killed Lieutenant Colonel Pita, Major Pedernera and Private Gómez. We cannot forget those who gave their lives to defend our democracy.”

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