armor! See how to wear it

You wouldn’t have believed in the popularity of such a garment.

In 2022, the armor borrows its design language from the military equipment of the knights of the historical courts, but now it is worn with, for example, traditional casual jeans.

Leather armor stands out over a white t-shirt, as shown by French actress Christa Theret. Stella Pictures, All Over Press

Some wear it as a corset-like top, but it looks especially fresh now when worn over a classic white collared shirt, for example.

See the model:

Petra Henriette Rufi Stella Pictures, All Over Press

Pole ten! The leather armor brings playfulness to the outfit. The white collared shirt looks fresh and the black straight pants are neat.

Camila Coelho Cornel Cristian Petrus/Shutterstock, All Over Press

Brazilian Miss and Model by Camila Coelho the fashion week outfit from Paris had many eye-catching details.

Chiara Ferragni GEKO, All Over Press

The Italian it girl Chiara Ferragni was seen wearing a golden metal armor from the Schiaparelli fashion house. The beautiful, but not the most practical choice turned everyone’s eyes at the event!

Soo Joo Park All Over Press

Didi Stone All Over Press

The armor-like gold corset is the work of British designer Vivienne Westwood.

Christa Theret All Over Press