A special basketball sensation in the United States.

    A brazen case of cheating in a teenage girls’ basketball game was revealed in the United States.

    An inter-school match played in Portshmouth, Virginia, saw on the field a superior individual, who was later revealed to be a 22-year-old assistant coach as Arlisha Boykins.

    Boykins appeared from the match as a 13-year-old player who was on the sidelines for the Churchland HS Truckers. Video clips of the match are circulating on social media, showing an overage woman dominating the field events against the Nansemond River team.

    The father of the 13-year-old player has said that he is shocked by what happened and demands an apology.

    After the uproar, the players and coaches of the Churchland HS Truckers decided that the team would withdraw from the series for the remainder of the season.

    After being caught, Boykins was fired from the school.

    Source: Aftonbladet