Despite all the criticism, Arjen Lubach continues to make spicy jokes about the death of Queen Elizabeth. The presenter takes advantage of her death to show his hatred of the monarchy.

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    Many people are upset that Arjen Lubach has been making jokes about the death of the British Queen Elizabeth all week in his TV show. In particular, the fake film of Elizabeth lying in her coffin is very bad. “I think the Queen Elizabeth coffin film is just a step too far,” it sounds.

    To the buttons

    Arjen laughs at the criticism. Yesterday, for the third time this week, he joked about Elizabeth’s death: “What a day… A lot has happened: Dick Benschop has left Schiphol, Roger Federer stops playing tennis, but we are starting another career that goes to the buttons is: Queen Elizabeth.”

    There is an oh-crying from the audience. “Since yesterday…”, Arjen continues his story. Then he can no longer contain the laughter at his own joke: “Yes!” Then: “Since yesterday, her coffin is somewhere else or something, I don’t know what they’re doing, and people are actually queuing for it.”

    closed box

    It wasn’t Arjen’s only joke about the Queen’s death. “Elizabeth’s coffin is closed as you can see. That is the most sensible thing, because if you open it you have to eat it within two days, otherwise you can throw it away.”

    And what does he think of the security guard who passed out next to Elizabeth’s coffin? “That’s a lot of fun!”

    Viewers react critically to social media. “Lubach is getting sadder by the day. His level disappears just as quickly as his hairline”, sneezes Ellen.

    What does Angela think?

    What does Angela de Jong think? She says in the AD Media podcast about the coffin joke: “Yes, you can argue about whether it is tasteful or too hard or too sharp. I thought Lubach should do this sometime, right?”

    Colleague Dennis Jansen: “I thought it was really wonderful.”

    Presenter Manuel Venderbos: “I also thought it was fantastic, but does this cross a line?”

    Media journalist Marcus den Blanken: “No, this is satire and satire does not cross borders. If you don’t understand that, then you shouldn’t watch a satirical program.”

    Angela: “It can go over the border for some people and then let them shout that. As long as he doesn’t let that stop him.”


    Arjen’s latest Elizabeth jokes: