Are you going for red, yellow, purple or pink? The tulip picking gardens in Drenthe are open again

The tulips are blooming again in all colors of the rainbow. That also means that the tulip picking gardens are open again. And a lot of people come to that.

“I didn’t expect so many people,” says Ilse van der Gun of Seubring Bloembollen Drenthe in Beilen. “I stood in the sales booth, looked around and thought: wow, what cars and what people.”

Van der Gun does not know exactly how many tulips bloom in her picking garden, but she does know which tulip is the most popular. “That is the double tulip. The standard tulip is single-flowered. The double tulip has a lot of leaves in its bud. It almost looks like a peony, which is why we call this variety also called a peony tulip. They are really beautiful.”

Wondering how to pick the tulips? Then watch the video below.