Are Masked Singer viewers dropping out for this reason? ‘Suits are too bright!’

Hey, what’s going on with The Masked Singer? The viewing figures are down slightly. Is it then that Monica Geuze, despised by Angela de Jong? Or is there something else going on? “Too bright suits!”


Celebrities who sing songs disguised in a suit: that is, in a nutshell, what the RTL 4 show The Masked Singer is about. At the end of each episode one does celebrity removes his or her mask and Carlo Boszhard must open his mouth as wide as possible. People really like it, but now Tina Nijkamp sees some decline in the viewing figures.

‘Hints too difficult’

Former SBS boss Tina, who was praised in Carlo’s column for her expertise in the field of viewing figures, notices that the scores are on the rise. 1.687 million people watched yesterday, but: “It’s not all party time, though. It is the least watched episode of the season (after 1.8 million, 1.9 million and almost 1.8 million viewers).”

All episodes of the previous season also scored linearly higher, excluding the show that faced football, Tina knows. How did that happen? She has an idea. “Unfortunately, I also dropped out of this season after episode two. I find the hints too difficult and I miss the right and wrong hints round.”

‘Too brightly colored’

However, Tina is especially critical of the costumes, we read from her analysis channel. “I think the costumes are too brightly colored, therefore still too much carnival, and therefore the costumes are a bit too Zapp-(child)-like and not mysterious enough.”

Is that all? No. “And I think it’s a shame that the jury guesses for itself instead of in teams (but actually consults a lot, so there is no sense of competition AT ALL). I also miss the real fun with the jury. Maybe I have it a little too often I saw it and now I know.”


Wow, that is of course the tipping point that every TV maker has to deal with at some point: the moment when the viewer gets bored. Does that also apply to The Masked Singer? It would of course be a bitter pill for RTL 4, but it could also just be a temporary dip.

Tina also noticed that Beau van Erven Dorens did so poorly yesterday after The Masked Singer. “After almost 1.7 million viewers, 1 million viewers zapped away, much more than normal on Fridays. He scored the least watched Friday evening broadcast of this season: 645 thousand viewers.”