Arcade Fire surprise fans with cryptic postcards: Harbinger of the new album?

Some fans of the band Arcade Fire recently found cryptic postcards in their mailboxes. There are many indications that this could be a pre-announcement of new music.

A user posted a picture of a postcard bearing the band’s logo on Reddit. He wrote, “I received this in the mail today,” BordonGrown wrote. “Black box with my address. The logo below looks like the band’s… Anyone else got one?”

Musical notation and the words “We missed you” can be read on the front of the postcard.

Another fan of the band even played the sheet music shown. You can listen to them here:

And there seems to be more evidence pointing to the band’s return. Another Reddit user posted that they saw stickers with the same design around London. “I saw BordonGrown’s post about the postcard this morning,” he wrote. “I just walked past this sticker in London! Looks like something is happening!!”

Arcade Fire’s current studio album EVERYTHING NOW was released in 2017. In 2021 the band released the soundtrack to the film “Her”, which was shown in cinemas in 2013.

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